AlienFlash is a 16MB Flash cartridge with EasyFlash compatibility, USB support and an AR Freezer Cartridge mode.


  • 16MB flash memory (16 x EasyFlash)
  • 32KB SRAM (4 banks each 8KB)
  • Uiversal Serial Bus connector for direct connection to  PC
  • AR freezer mod "Compatible with AR 4.1 onwards"

Transfer Program: "Windows"

Developer References:

WEB Links:

Afapack v1.0 - tools for Alien Flash:

Terminal Transfer Pack: Now superseded by Alien Flash Transfer Program:

Various EasyFlash / Alien Flash releases: please register and add your own or email links.


Good news, no more transferring with terminal software for Alien Flash Hannu Nuotio has released "afapack v1.0 - tools for Alien Flash".


Hannu has released a win32 executable of the GUI along with a command line version.
Source codes and other files can also be downloaded. NOTE: USB tranfer uses VCP mode,
your Alien Flash must be set to VCP mode (via FT_Prog), this is the same as was needed to use
the terminal software. Thanks to Hannu, programming the Alien Flash via USB and transferring
D64 images is now a whole lot easier.





A very nice replacement for Alien Flash Tools "Alien Flash minitools v1.0" has also been released as part of "afapack v1.0 - tools for Alien Flash".


It can be downloaded as part of  the Alien Flash GUI download that was mentioned in the above post.

Source code can also be downloaded.


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